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Alan’s Odyssey: The Galactic Rise of $ALAN Token

Alan is an Alien. In 1982, Alan and his crew were on a night mission to visit earth and collect plant specimens in a forest. During the mission, Alan went to spark up a space joint and separated from the group. Government vehicles pulled up and started chasing his ass. The other aliens had to bail right quick, abandoning Alan on Earth.

Alan escaped and took shelter in a shed in a nearby neighbourhood. After hearing some noise in his backyard, a young boy went to investigate. To his surprise, he found Alan smoking a spliff. High as a kite, Alan, at first glance, thought it was one of his fellow crew members but realized it was just a weird-looking kid. They hit it off after the boy gave Alan some Reeses Pieces. Who was this young boy? None other than Vitalik Buterin.